Designed for companies focused on market discovery. In 14 weeks we’ll achieve what usually takes 9 months with tailored Outbound Sales Development campaigns.


Is The Lab for you?

The Whistle Lab is designed for companies seeking market discovery as their primary goal for Outbound Sales Development campaigns. Labs are custom built to help find the shortest path to success for our clients who include Series A funded SAAS startups seeking a predictable sales pipeline to locally successful companies looking to test multiple international markets before investing in further sales campaigns.


What is the 100 Day Lab?

The Whistle Lab is a Sales Development program designed to solve the hardest problem in business: predictably finding better customers.

The Lab involves aligning Marketing and Sales functions as well as the internal systems to support them.

Our Data, Content, Sales Development and Strategy teams work together to enable the testing of business hypotheses regarding whom to sell to, how to contact them, and what to share with them in order to find the shortest path to revenue generation.

Launch your campaign in 10 days instead of 60!


Why do you need The Lab?

Solving the hardest problem in sales is, well, hard!

A Series A+ startup simply does not have the bandwidth to run a scalable global sales program – or the time and funds to make mistakes.

Our Lab is designed to find the shortest path to product/market fit and validation, plus, the processes created, provide for a world-class foundation to scale sales teams and deliver on expectations from leading VCs.

For large corporates testing international markets, hiring is simply too big a risk to take. Contracting a dedicated team to scout out locations, companies, and ideal clients for enabling expansion saves millions of dollars and the outcomes of the learnings will drive strategies that transform companies from local to global players.

We support portfolio companies from leading VCs: