Product-Led Growth

We help SaaS and Product-led Growth B2C companies identify B2B customers and convert existing users to higher-tiered packages/plans.

Is it right for you?

If you’re a SaaS or B2B company that offers a freemium product, chances are that some of your freemium or individual plan users are actually businesses that could benefit from your higher-tier plans. In order to activate premium business users, we identify and create a process that is as seamless and gorgeous as your product.

How does it work?

We help you focus on identifying and supporting corporate customers.

Much like a concierge at a hotel, we approach active leads and gently guide them through the next stage in the sales process.

We work within your systems and alongside your teams to increase conversions to higher-tier, paid plans. It’s likely you have valuable data from sign-ups and product usage, which we rely on for identifying the best buyer journey for your business prospects.

Many businesses find that identifying accounts that could be spending 10 or 20 times more on your Saas platform and servicing them is cumbersome and expensive. This leads to underutilized customer accounts and lost opportunities.

We make it simple and affordable to activate your free users and upsell lower spend users.

Why do you need it?

We focus on increasing the conversion of premium accounts. During the campaign, we:


The point at which your customers are most satisfied and determine the best time to upsell to them.


A seamless sales process that is highly focussed on conversion.


A joint strategy for nurturing users on your platform and building customer loyalty.


Existing marketing and sales approaches for possible loopholes to perfect the process.


Your marketing and sales data to strategize on future campaigns.


Our free PLG Playbook

Our SDRs:

  • Respond to new leads within minutes
  • Ensure every trial user has the option to speak to an onboarding specialist
  • Match client needs to product features, build rapport to drive conversion and loyalty
  • Recover leads that were not attended to
  • Re-engage former trial users who did not convert
  • Expand and upsell happy customers
  • Recover closed lost opportunities and churned customers