The Key That Unlocks All Boxes: Whistle’s Formula for Gaining New Clients

Against a backdrop of regulation of payment systems by the European Union and largely uncharted waters, Whistle’s client, Capital* – (*not the real name),  a London-based fintech-startup, entered the new open banking market with two goals in mind: to drive meetings with big brands in the E-money space for sales opportunities and to raise money […]

Stepping Abroad – International Expansion Considerations for Startups

Technology is great!   Not only is it making the world a smaller place, it also makes it easier to expand and service more clients globally.  Perhaps you are sitting on the fence and you’ve been contemplating the idea of growing your business internationally?  Here are some of our pointers, learned from working with fast-growing B2C […]

Catching a Whale for Busy Entrepreneurs

Introduction Regardless of what founders may share, every B2B startup wants a big brand name on their investor deck – it’s not just for social clout, but for what it represents: being trusted, secure and stable enough to be chosen by an industry leader, who hopefully has the potential to be a six or seven-figure […]

The Customers You Never Knew You Had

It started out as a pain. In an interview with the BBC, she told them “It could take a whole semester to learn the very basics. Even the simplest tasks, like exporting a high-quality PDF file, could take 22 clicks.” She dropped out of university, turned the agitation into building a B2C solution. That idea […]

Intelligent Outbound

Why Outbound? As a marketer, reading anything about Outbound is likely to make you roll your eyes. You’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s basically a euphemism for spam, dialling for dollars and door to door sales. “Outbound..”, as one marketing site put it “is based on interruption. Inbound is based on permission”. The general […]

pipecast episode one - budget

Budget Objection Handling – The PipeCast Episode 1

On this first episode of the PipeCast, I speak with Richard Smith, Co-Founder of Refract about navigating the challenging budget issue. When faced with an objection about budget, do you counter with an offer, nurture or neither? Does this tactic differ by stage in the deal? Refract helps companies increase deal velocity and decrease missed […]

A Step by Step Guide to Enterprise Sales- Part 2: Connecting With the Buying Influencer

Part 2 of a 3 part guide. See part 1 here. Too often, a masterful storytelling salesperson will wow his or her audience on a call, only to find out that their efforts were wasted on people who lack the ability to take the discussion to any material place. It was Mike Tyson who put […]

A Step by Step Guide to Enterprise Sales- Part 1

This is part 1 of a 3 part guide. See part 2 here. “We are so excited by [your software/SAAS product]! We’ve loved the presentation and our test! It is going to be a huge help to [save us time/money/make us money/scale our business]. Where do we go from here?” For those of you SAAS […]

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