pipecast episode one - budget

Budget Objection Handling – The PipeCast Episode 1

On this first episode of the PipeCast, I speak with Richard Smith, Co-Founder of Refract about navigating the challenging budget issue. When faced with an objection about budget, do you counter with an offer, nurture or neither? Does this tactic differ by stage in the deal? Refract helps companies increase deal velocity and decrease missed […]

A Step by Step Guide to Enterprise Sales- Part 2: Connecting With the Buying Influencer

Part 2 of a 3 part guide. See part 1 here. Too often, a masterful storytelling salesperson will wow his or her audience on a call, only to find out that their efforts were wasted on people who lack the ability to take the discussion to any material place. It was Mike Tyson who put […]

A Step by Step Guide to Enterprise Sales- Part 1

This is part 1 of a 3 part guide. See part 2 here. “We are so excited by [your software/SAAS product]! We’ve loved the presentation and our test! It is going to be a huge help to [save us time/money/make us money/scale our business]. Where do we go from here?” For those of you SAAS […]

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